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      About Us

      China Garments Co., Ltd(abbr. for CGCL) , derived from Ministry of Textile and Apparel of the People’s Republic of China and the listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1999, is now wholly-owned subsidiary of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation. 

      CGCL is mainly engaged in garments design, manufacturing and sales. It has reputation of military products export, high quality men’s wear and uniform fields.CGCL is also engaged in the import business of timber, wet blue cattle hides and agricultural sideline products in the meanwhile.

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      Contact Us

      China Garments Co.,Ltd.

      Website: http://chinagarments.net.cn/

      Tel: 86-10-64428634

      Fax: 86-10-64428240  


      Address: No.5 Building, No.1 Countryard, Baosheng South Road, Haidian Disdrict, Beijing 100192, China

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